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Designer Jenny Forks' love of natural stones and jewelry began in her home town of Beeville, in South Texas, as a young girl. Growing up in the country and enjoying her days on her family's ranch has influenced her designs over the years. Now 10 years down the road, Jenny's love for stones and her love for designing and making bold jewelry have taken her to new levels. Owner/Designer Jenny Forks
In January of 2003 Jenny opened her first retail storefront, Bitter Creek Designs, in downtown Boerne, Texas. As her business grew so did Jenny's talent and confidence as she quickly became one of the premier stores to visit in the historic tourist town. Her designs offer something for everyone from the accentuating and dainty to the bold and outspoken, depending of course on the customers' wants and needs.
Jenny's designs not only reflect her own thoughts and ideas but she also creates custom jewelry everyday for her most discriminating clients. Re-working family heirlooms and creating new jewelry from vintage pieces are all in a days work for the designer. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SAMPLES OF JENNY'S DESIGNS
Jenny and her designs have also been featured in numerous magazines throughout the hill country and have also been featured on "San Antonio Living", and excitingly look for her as a feature in an upcoming summer issue of Southern Living. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PRESS INFO
With all of this attention, it did not take long to see that Bitter Creek Designs was quickly outgrowing the little shop in Boerne. As Jenny continued to enjoy her success as a designer, she also began looking for a place to establish some long term roots for herself and her store.
In December 2007, the entire operation was moved. Bitter Creek Designs is now located at "The Rim" in north San Antonio, Texas. Not far from her first store, Jenny has created a place where customers can continue to receive the close personal attention they have become accustomed to but also a place where new clients can visit and be taken in by the hundreds of designs and thousands of bead strands hanging and waiting to be chosen to be the next creation. The new location enables everyone, including Jenny, the opportunity to sit down and relax in a "state of the art" facility where creations are born, classes are held and good times are plenty.
  Bitter Creek Designs offers an array of classes, parties, and services to fit anyone's needs. Whether you would like to learn to custom design and make a necklace and earring set, or host a wine party with your favorite friends. We are here to help you do something fun with beads and jewelry.
  A few of the classes that we offer are... CLICK HERE FOR A FULL LIST OF CLASSES
Beginner Bead Stringing, Bead Linking, Chain Linking, Beginner and Advanced Wire Wrapping, Beginner and Advanced Precious Metal Clay (PMC), Beginner and Advanced Frame Soldering, and Beginner and Advanced Metal Smithing. Look for more classes being added all the time.
  We also offer birthday party packages, bridal party packages, and wine party packages. Whether you have a child who would love to bring some friends and do something different for a birthday party, or a bride who is looking for a way to make special one-of-a-kind jewelry for her ceremony and her bridesmaids, or you are simply trying to get away from the everyday with some friends, these parties are sure to be a great time. During these parties you are able to create your very own beautiful jewelry by choosing your own stones from our thousands of bead strands and having the full guidance from our staff. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON BEADING PARTIES
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